about us

We started in 1991 as students in our final years at the Visual Academy of Arts in Cluj, than we taught visual arts and design in the high and universitary education system. Since 1997, we have been continuously engaged in graphic design, design and visual arts.

specialized in book design, illustrations, brochures and catalogues – visual artist

branding and logo expert, corporate ID development & strategies, event design, visual and art consultant – visual artist, photographer




since 1997 were part in our team: Andreea Singer, Sorin Vreme, Livia Coloji, Dana Catona, Vajna BotondAna Kun


Ioana Vreme-Moser: illustrations, sound art

Florin Ivanescu: ambient design

Vajna Botond: 3D modeling, WordPress custom templates

Alexandru Farkas: plotting, 3d modelling

Sebastian Cosma (Dekor Consulting): print outdoor/indoor

Adi Fodor (Print Press): digital printing

IDEA Design & Print Cluj: offset printing, digital printing

Harald Singer (Infin Group Romania): web programing, hosting